TranseNd negative thoughts  & step into AUthentic Joy

Use the get "REAL" method:

This simple 4 step process works to unlock the potential of your best self by re-framing past, present, and future challenging life situations. Retool the way you interact with your own thoughts and the world at large to show up as your best self. 

Learn the get "REAL" method.
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KC Taylor is a Coach, Bodyworker, Kundalini Yoga instructor, Creative, Happiness Guide, Free Thinker, Vitality Inspirer & Presence Junkie. 


"KC's coaching has been a rock for me in times of major life changes that in the past would have left me coping with unhealthy habits and depression. I have forgiven myself and moved on from a past relationship and am happier and feel more like myself than I ever have. KC pushed me to grow into deeper connection with emotions I used to suppress. He truly cares about his work and holds space to process emotions with gentle guidance. I feel accepted, loved and cared about in every session while working through difficult emotional work. KC is skilled in helping clarify conflicting emotions and thoughts to bring them into alignment with core values."- Jake B.


"KC's coaching style has a lovely way of making you feel completely at ease. He has a clear superpower in helping you drown out the mental noise, and get to the heart of the matter. Through deep self-inquiry, KC has helped me gain more clarity, and understanding around major life goals  - and the blocks to achieving them. I highly recommend working with KC!" - Gemma P.


“ The work I did with KC has changed my life. In our coaching sessions he helped me develop the tools to get out of my thinking mind, drop into my body, and really feel my way through the issues or blockages in my life. This discovery felt like I was being gently guided to my own “aha!” moments. He balances challenge with support, and he has helped me bring awareness to my blind spots and my unconsciousness. I feel more in alignment with my integrity and my purpose. Thank you KC! ” - Mark D.

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"KC is a truly intuitive and gifted coach. He was able to guide me past roadblocks that were holding me and get to the root of what needed to be resolved. His calm and non-judgemental manner made me feel at ease and safe during vulnerable times throughout our sessions." -Justin H

The journey, our intuition, and why I'm here.

Stuck, lost, & in pain...

I've been there. I know what it's like not to know the next move in life -  to give up, to just settle. I know the sadness, emptiness, and deep internal discord this brings. I've lived the pain firsthand of ruining relationships, careers, and dreams due to playing it small, playing the victim. I know what it's like to run from the pain. I know how it feels to hide from the world, to lash out in unexpected anger, to lie, to cover up, and to make excuses. 

I also know there's a voice down inside that can easily be drowned out or cast aside. But that voice, that deep intuitive part of each one of us, knows there's something greater within. There is a profound part of us that desires self-love, a more empowered life, and better ways of showing up for and communicating with those we love. 


I listened to that voice. My life changed - slowly at first, but now the life I live is completely different. I live a life full of love, fulfillment, success, joy, connection, & happiness. There are many ways to access and gain a greater connection to this voice. Ultimately we're all born capable and strong enough to become the best version of ourselves and connect to our deep intuitive nature. However, it often takes outside help, guidance, reflection, and support to truly align ourselves. Even if we find that help difficult to ask for, we are social creatures who naturally flourish when giving to and receiving from one another.

Help can come in many forms: one of which I offer. Powerful and transformative 1-on-1 coaching, mindset shifting, & skill-building all from someone who's made the journey. The journey from shame, guilt, depression, addiction, apathy, depression, & social anxiety to an amazing, rich, joyful, connected, healthy, and integrated life.


Life truly becomes an adventure when we align with our own innate happiness, joy, and wisdom. Things we never thought possible come to fruition. Connecting to purpose, self-love, & freedom, we become more vibrant and alive. We can greet each day with exuberance and passion, living life full of fun, integrity, abundance, & creativity: this is our birthright! Stepping into our own unique greatness is possible. It happens one step at a time. Is it your time to take the next step?


Helping others with these steps & helping us connect to our own innate happiness and joy is my passion. If you're interested in learning more, sign up for emails to receive helpful insights and tools, then book your free discovery session with me today. 

Live fully & live true, 

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